Make Room for the Little Things

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by Laurel Rapp

New furniture, different color schemes, tearing down a wall and a new carpet are just some elements associated with home remodeling. There are other things to consider when remodeling or renovating, such as making room for your Oneida flatware in the new kitchen or using the right cabinet hardware.

When a remodeling project is being planned often the small things are forgotten. It doesn't matter if it is a big or small project. Renovators are overwhelmed with a budget, decisions and schedules, leading to fine details being overlooked. It is important to make room for the small things.

Consider every element of the remodel throughout the design and planning process. The focus should not just be on picking out cabinets and lights. If you are remodeling a kitchen make the space as workable as possible. Do not overlook the importance of function. Look for the small details that come from everyday experiences. Find the most efficient way to design the kitchen by placing vital areas close together such as the refrigerator, stove and sink.

Nevertheless, creating a functional work space is just part of the efficacy. A workable space will not work if storage is not incorporated into the design. It is easier to find a place for everything and make the area efficient during the design stage. Take inventory of the items in your kitchen - skillets, pans, flatware, dishes, glasses, mugs, etc. Will you be using items already in your kitchen or buying new equipment? Take a pantry area into account, as well, for storing food and other kitchen items. Measure everything you will be using and storing. Research different cabinets, counters and drawers that are available to find measurements that will accommodate your supplies. Pick out items that take up less space and serve multiple functions. Incorporate cabinets that use all the space you can from floor to ceiling. Suggestions include putting in a cutting board that slides out to save space, add a roll out trash can enclosed out of the way in a cabinet and put a drawer near the sink for easier access for cleaning supplies, such as brushes and sponges.

Will there be more than one cook in the kitchen? Then look into having several meal preparation areas. When you have designed the kitchen and it looks good consider clean up as well. Does the design make it easy to clean? Add a backsplash to help make clean up easier around the stove while adding a hint of style to the kitchen. Cabinet hardware is another element to remember that brings style together, but one type of hardware might be easier for someone to use than others. If a person has difficulty gripping a certain cabinet handle finding another type that is easier to use would be helpful.

If you consider everything upfront you can plan for it. Then if you find you've forgotten along the way it might be easier to incorporate a special storage place for the flatware, for instance.

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