Step1: Analyze the Finances

about home building step 1
Before you start your home construction project,
run some financial numbers to determine whether you can afford the construction.

The numbers include the costs of construction, financing, tax benefits, having available funds for the down payment, slush funds, and other related calculations.


review cost-related issues in building your personal home. These factors include the estimated cost of construction, neighborhood assessments, tax implications and construction financing:

view tips on saving on and budgeting for home construction costs. You want to avoid spending more money that what you budgeted to keep your overall construction in-line:

download and print our 1-page home building map. It summarizes the home construction step-by-step process:

another helpful reference for future use or to share with friends is our rolodex file. It references 5 keys areas of any home construction project for quick access and help: