Spec PlanF: Doors and Windows

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Spec Plan-F reviews both interior and exterior windows and doors. These materials should have the energy star mark to ensure the best cost energy saving.


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Spec Plan F: Doors and Windows

what need to do —

Identify the type of doors and windows by room:

— bay window in front and side
— french doors open to patio
— sky lights in attic, etc.

  • Windows and exterior doors should be installed as soon as the frame is completed — it prevents vandalism and damage from weather.
  • Never leave uninstalled windows laying around for extended periods — you don't want them stolen or vandalized.
  • from howstuffworks:
    about building windows and doors


Shop windows and doors that have the Energy Star Symbol

  • They are certainly worth the extra price for those cold winters and hot summers.
  • New windows have tinted panes that keep dangerous sun rays from penetrating inside the house — it will protect your interior against sun damage and reduce cooling costs.


Visit our Home Building Gallery for complete information on door/window types and designs.

  • Define style and type by room:
view center: doors and windows
view center: home entry doors


Check framing building codes:

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Getting Started

Step 1: develop the plan

  • take a completed draft of the spec sheet to your architect or planner, who will can customize a building plan or revise an existing plan that meets your specs.
  • use your spec sheet and floor plan to bid the construction project to contractors


Step 2: get required building permits


Step 3: find pre-screened contractors and other service providers

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Get Some Professional Help

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Use this quick search to find customer-rated doors and windows contractor.