Step 7: Closing and Moving In

about home building step 7
The day has finally come . . .
time to close on your home construction and move into your new home. How exciting! But allow us to offer some quick tips on completing the home closing and moving.


Closing on your home construction is similar to closing on a purchased home. The one area of difference is the final inspection. Make sure everything has been built to specifications before making final payment to the contractor.

link over to our Home Moving Center for complete information and support for moving into your home. Our center ncludes:

  • moving-in checklist
  • move budgeting forms
  • services for moving, packing and storage
  • and more

    Link to:

Let us give you a hand by providing the information you need to quickly sell your home:

  • home selling checklist
  • home selling steps
  • home preparation guide
  • selecting the selling method for your market
  • home selling listing services
  • and more

    link to our home selling center

download and print our 1-page home building map. It summarizes the home construction step-by-step process:

another helpful reference for future use or to share with friends is our rolodex file. It references 5 keys areas of any home construction project for quick access and help: