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Some of the most beautiful homes use a stucco - masonry facing accented by brick. Windows are framed by traditional shutters and exterior moldings.


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Beauty of Home Siding

Making Your Home's Skin as Beautiful as It can Be

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Your home's exterior siding provides essential protection against the elements, extending the life of your home and keeping it safe and strong throughout all types of weather. But it does more than that.

A home's exterior siding is its skin, and it should give your home the best appearance possible. For homeowners in certain climates, siding can cover the majority of the exterior of a home. This exterior is the best chance a home has at looking beautiful, and there are many choices available.

Homeowners have many exterior siding options to choose from:

  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum
  • Stucco
  • Steel

Maintaining Your Home's Exterior

Each of these exterior siding materials needs to be maintained in order to look its best. The good news is, most new siding options come with easy maintenance solutions that protect your budget as well as your home.

Some siding materials, like vinyl, are exceptionally easy to maintain, requiring almost no ongoing work at all. Vinyl siding should be cleaned regularly to protect against dirt and wear. Wood siding should be painted and sealed to protect against moisture.

Maintaining your home's siding means maintaining its beauty, and professional contractors are there to help. Hiring a contractor to install your home's siding is a good idea, to ensure the quality and longevity of your home's appearance. Contractors can help maintain siding, too, leaving you worry-free, and your home looking beautiful for years to come.

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Aluminum and Vinyl Siding

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alside find the best deal on siding shop home centers
certainteed   eBay | yard & garden
gentek   shop classified - yellow pages
napco   view consumer reports
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Wood Shingles and Panels

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cedar panels shop home centers
cedar shingles eBay | yard & garden
collins tru-wood shop classified - yellow pages
georgia-pacific: plywood siding  
log siding view consumer reports
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maibec wood  
pacific lumber: redwood panels  
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Brick Facing

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belden shop home centers
boral brick studio eBay | yard & garden
general shale brick design shop classified - yellow pages
old world brick view consumer reports
brick vaneer siding  

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Stone - Masonry Facing

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Stone Facing Concrete Masonry Shopping
cangelosi stone stone fences shop home centers
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culteredstone about concrete homes shop classified - yellow pages
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north american stone portland cement plaster view consumer reports
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stone brick    

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Shutters - Exterior Decor

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exteriorshutter.com alcoa storm shutters bird protection shop home centers
vixon hill gentek stormwise shutters custom woodturning columns eBay | yard & garden
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wheatbelt rolling shutters napco   rolling shutters view consumer reports
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      screening systems  
      decorative louvers  

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