Attic Stellar Room

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Convert the attic space into a stellar room with opening shutters and gazing windows. You don't have to spend too much for nightly exploration.


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About an Attic Stellar Room

Open Your Home to the Stars with a Stellar Room

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Is your attic a generally unused space in your home? Attics can provide more than just great storage space. Turning your attic into an attic stellar room can create a great lobby for your family, exposing you and your children to the wonders of the universe from right inside your home.

Typically, the only two things you need for a stellar room are a telescope and a window. Many stellar rooms also feature stellar windows, which are windows installed in the roof of your home, providing a perfect line of sight from your attic to the stars.

Stellar Windows

Installing stellar or attic roof windows can be a significant remodeling project. You will need to consult a licensed contractor in order to determine the structure of your home, and the best location for stellar or attic windows.

Attic Lighting

Lighting is an important consideration in an attic. A good recommendation is ambient lighting, or installing a dimmer switch for standard lighting. Providing enough light to see and use your telescope is important, but too much light will impair your vision of the stars through the telescope. Lighting solutions are usually simple and can be installed yourself. Installing professional-grade lighting can be done by hiring a contractor.

Creating a plan for your attic or stellar room is a good first step in the process. How much square footage do you have? Is your attic stairway in good working condition? What is the best location for the telescope? Answering these questions before getting started will ensure your attic room is a stellar success.

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Stellar Exploration Guide

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Stellar Room Construction
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All About Telescopes

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