Step 2: What Kind of House

about home building step 2
Your 2nd step in home construction is deciding
what kind of house to build. This includes the architectural style, size, number of rooms, floor layout, building lot location, etc.


this topic will review design considerations, deciding the number and type of rooms, calculating square footage, and aligning the rooms:

you will need a place to build your home. Places to search:

review existing house plans to find something that matches your design considerations. You might find something exactly what you are looking for; or you can take a similar plan and have an architect tweak it to meet your specifications:

download and print our 1-page home building map. It summarizes the home construction step-by-step process:

another helpful reference for future use or to share with friends is our rolodex file. It references 5 keys areas of any home construction project for quick access and help: