Spec PlanR: Garage - Pathways

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Spec Plan-R gives the specifications for the garage. Points to consider is the size and type (garage or car port). Build in space for bicycles, garden equipment, play toys, work area, etc.


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Spec Plan R: Garage - Pathways

what you need to do —

Consider adding extra space for bicycles, workbenches, garden tools, and storage.

  • That extra space will be a welcomed when sharing your garage with vehicles and other items.


Paved driveways have a higher resale value. Plus they look more attractive than non-paved driveways.

  • Driveway surface include asphalt, concrete stone, brick, and other material.
  • Make sure your builder understands your concerns about: narrow sidewalks — from b4ubuild.com


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Getting Started

Step 1: develop the plan

  • take a completed draft of the spec sheet to your architect or planner, who will can customize a building plan or revise an existing plan that meets your specs.
  • use your spec sheet and floor plan to bid the construction project to contractors


Step 2: get required building permits


Step 3: find pre-screened contractors and other service providers

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