Mud Laundry Room

So what is a mud room
It's the room where the family enters first to dispose all clutter and (mud) before entering the home. It can also function as the laundry and utility room.


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Building a Home Mud Room

Leave the Dirt Outside

from our "home remodeling" project library

Tracked in mud is a constant presence on your kitchen floor.  School bags and cast off coats litter the family room, and baseball mits, and hockey sticks creep into living spaces cluttering an otherwise cleanly home.  How can one prevent such unsightly mess? Add or convert an existing place into a well designed mudroom.

A room before entry into the rest of the house, a mudroom traditionally provided a spot for foul whether gear and winter clothes in New England homes. A mudroom in fact proves useful in any climate as an organized spot to keep outdoor gear from cluttering and soiling the rest of the home.

What to think about when designing a mudroom:

  • Location: By definition a mudroom must be in an entry to the home.  Convert a corner of an existing entry, carve out a region of the kitchen, or add on a small entryway.
  • Flooring: Choose a dark durable floor to weather the high traffic of mud. Include a mat for wiping feet.
  • Storage: Storage depends on family needs.  Hooks provide easy access storage for things used most often.  Hang two rows: one for adults on top and one at children level below.  Cubbies or lockers designated for each family member allow for easy organization.  If space allows, add a closet for the lesser used and out of season items.
  • Décor: Mudroom design can change depending on location.  If at a back entrance, functional features will do.  A corner of a front hall serving as a mudroom necessitates a bit fancier design with nice hard-wear and finished wood. In either location, choose high gloss paint for easy cleaning.
  • Furniture: Furnishings should be sparse but functional. Add a sturdy mudroom bench or window-seat for removing shoes, Some mudroom benches open up to reveal more storage area. A mirror will both enlarge the space and provide a last look upon exiting the home.

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Laundry Utility Sinks

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