Home Building Considerations

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Something to consider when designing your home construction plan. These simple concepts can save regrets later on.


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Home Remodeling Considerations

Traffic Patterns

Traffic should flow to one side of the
room rather than through its center

more traffic information:


Kitchen Considerations

Location of the kitchen should have direct access to the dining area and garage where grocery items can be unloaded conveniently

  • Traffic should not flow through the kitchen working area.
  • Larger kitchens have a greater resale value than smaller kitchens — you will want to design the working area with appliances in a triangular position for easy working.

    more information on kitchen layout:

    see kitchen design basics:

    see our kitchen design directory:
    home building center: kitchens


About Private Areas

Bedrooms and bathrooms should be separated visually from the working areas of the house.

  • You should have at least one bathroom near working and relaxation areas and with easy access from the outside.
  • Never situate bathrooms where you must pass through one room to get to the facilities.
  • It is almost a necessity (particularly in a resale) that the master bedroom has an attached master bathroom
  • The master bathroom should be large, with full size bath, shower, his/her vanity sinks and exhaust vans that vent to the outside

    see bathroom design basics:

    see our bathroom design directory:
    home building center: bathrooms


Living Areas:

Lliving areas include the dining room, living/family room, and den.

  • Designs may vary with rooms segmented by walls or merged into a larger, multi-purpose room with boundaries such as pillars segmenting one room from the other

    see our main-floor design directory:
    home building center: main floor


Energy Efficiency:

There are some energy efficient products on the market that can reduce your energy costs and keep you more comfortable.



Poured concrete is the most expensive foundation and best choice for full basements because of its strength and resistance to leaks.

  • Cinder block is a substitute to concrete, but is not as strong and is subject to leakage.
  • Monolithic con create slaps are used with homes without basements bringing the cost and implementation down.

    more structural information:



plumbing information:

Plumbing Projects:

Guides: Electrical and Lighting


Room Dimensions:

  • bedroom: not less than 7 feet in any direction
  • closets: depth at 24 inches or more
  • hallways: minimum width 3 feet
  • dining room: big enough for 8-person dining table
  • kitchen: work aisle at least 42 inches wide

    more room dimension information:

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