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May we suggest decorative ceiling fans in the living rooms, kitchen and bedrooms. They operate to circulate air for full comfort and air quality.

TIP: Electrical installation requires an understanding of wiring and building codes. We suggest using a pre-screened electrical contractor within your area to price the job you need done.


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About Home Lighting

Light Up Your Home Lighting Style

from our "home remodeling" project library


Do you want to give your house a major facelift--without the cost, hassle, and stress of major renovation?  Consider a lighting lift. New lighting can revolutionize the look of a room, and if done with your whole house in mind, it can make your home feel warmer, cozier and more put together.

Green Lighting

A new trend in lighting technology is energy efficient lighting. Green lighting doesn't mean green--it means saving you some green. Energy efficient home lighting is cheaper than normal lighting--so it can cut your electricity bills significantly.

Soft Lighting

Basically, florescent lighting is out. (Although, was it ever really in?). Soft, mood lighting is in. Light fixtures that allow you to dim the lights help create the right atmosphere and bulbs made specifically for home lighting help as well.

Track Lighting

Instead of having one major lighting fixture in the middle of a room--a chandelier, a fan with light bulbs, one major lamp, you should consider track lighting or multiple, smaller lights all the way around the room. This lighting technology gives you many more options about where to shine lamps and how bright to make them.


It may seem too obvious, but its not. Finding the right lamp lighting for a room is an important task: the lamp should contribute to the overall feel of the room, add to its design, while also offering the right shade of lighting. Bulbs and other lighting technology can be adjusted to create the right tone and brightness of a lamp. Enjoy your lighting endeavors.

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Bath Lighting Ideas

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Bath - Vanity Over-the-Mirror Other Ideas Shopping
bathroom lighting source clarus frame craftmade vanity shop lighting
brownlee lighting victor product line fabby ceramic shop eBay
eurofase   ginger wall sconces shop home centers
hinkley showcase   ranch cabin shop classified - yellow pages
kichler   southwest style  
progressive lighting     view consumer reports
seagull lighting   search: all bath lights - styles  

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Ceiling Fans

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Decorative Fan Lights Other Styles Shopping
airwin modern fan company shop lighting
craftmade southwestern ceiling fans shop eBay
casablanca fan fans with a unique flair shop home centers
ellington fans brazilian fans: matthews shop classified - yellow pages
hunter fans    
monty carlo littman brothers view consumer reports
regency fan search: decorate ceiling fans  

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Ceiling Fixture Ideas

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Fixed Ceiling Lights Other Ideas Shopping
boyd lighting fllush mounts from estiluz.com shop lighting
eurofase iron casing from vtforge.com shop eBay
evergreen european styles: shaperlighting shop home centers
hilite antique lighting: 1lighting.com shop classified - yellow pages
kichler southwest style  
lighting source ranch cabin from avalight.com view consumer reports
progressive lighting    
seagull lighting search: ceiling lights - styles  

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Ceiling Pendant Ideas

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Ceiling Pendant Other Styles Shopping
antique lighting access lighting shop lighting
boyd lighting telescopic designs shop eBay
eurofase iron casings from vtforge.com shop home centers
evergreen european styles shop classified - yellow pages
hilite besa lighting  
hinkley showcase   view consumer reports
kichler the pendant collection  
pendant source southwest style  
progressive lighting ranch cabin from avalight.com  
vetreria vistosi    
seagull lighting search: pendant ceiling lights  

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Chandelier Lighting

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Chandeliers Other Ideas Shopping
anthony lamp and lighting access lighting shop lighting
candiles iron casing from vtforge.com shop eBay
chandelier source oriental chandeliers shop home centers
cystorama southwest style shop classified - yellow pages
crystal lighting gallery european rich  
glighting wild west designs view consumer reports
hinkley lighting victorian lighting works  
kichler world class lighting  
myran allen    
seagullighting search: chandelier ceiling lights  


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Floor Lamps - Torches

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Floor Lamps - Torches Other Styles Shopping
kichler floor lamps casellalighting shop lighting
addesso iron casing from vtforge.com shop eBay
floor lamps galore nessenlighting.com Collection shop home centers
david landis design oriental floor lamps shop classified - yellow pages
global lighting traditional and transitional  
seascapes contemporary swinging / adjustable lamps view consumer reports
stonegate design    
victor lighting search: floor lights - styles  

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Table Lamps Ideas

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Table Lamps Other Styles Shopping
af lighting antique artistry shop lighting
anthony california authentic designs shop eBay
adesso japan collection shop home centers
altamira mica lamps shop classified - yellow pages
kichler table lamps shadylady rustic and coastal  
kenroy home tiffany lamps view consumer reports
lamps galore traditional and transitional  
nessen lighting wildwood lamps  
pacific coast lighting    
uttermost search: table lamps - styles  

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Track - Underneath Lighting

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Track Lighting Underneath Other Styles Shopping
access spotlights under cabinet - cove lighting bruckprofessinal collection shop lighting
designers fountain arch tracks kichler cabinet lights eco lighting shop eBay
eurofase track pendants   juno track lighting shop home centers
progressive lighting   pool table lights shop classified - yellow pages
seagull lighting   nora lighting  
track lighting source   tech lighting view consumer reports
vaxcel spotlights      
w.a.c. track system   search: track lighting - styles  

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Wall Sconces

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Wall Lights - Sconces Other Styles Shopping
boyd lighting american rejuvenation shop lighting
casella lighting revival lighting shop eBay
fabby estiluz shop home centers
kenroy home latigo lights shop classified - yellow pages
kichler wall lights shady lady rustic - coastal  
nessen lighting tinbin colonial lights view consumer reports
nauset latern shop uttermost  
seagullighting search: wall lighting - styles  

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Desk Station - Other Lighting

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Workstation Lighting Other Shopping
desk lamps bruck professinal collection shop lighting
dazor collection for desk, office hinkley lighting shop eBay
kichler table lamps hubbardton forge shop home centers
task lighting: nesson lighting landmark lighting shop classified - yellow pages
  metal crafted lighting  
search work station - styles solzi luce view consumer reports

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