Step 6: Manage the Project

about home building step 6
Step 6 is where the construction begins.
It starts with lot excavation, pouring the foundation, framing the house, putting on the roof, installing plumbing and electrical, and so forth. Make sure you inspect every point along the construction phase.


use these guides to help manage and work with your building contractor. Understanding how the process works will ensure the project gets done as you specified and within budget:

make sure you inspect every point along the construction phase for quality before making any payments. Your lender will require it before they will release funds. Once the money leaves your hand, you lose all negotiating power:

download and print our 1-page home building map. It summarizes the home construction step-by-step process:

another helpful reference for future use or to share with friends is our rolodex file. It references 5 keys areas of any home construction project for quick access and help: