Spec PlanK: Exterior Home

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Spec Plan-K defines the specs for home facing (brick, siding, wood, stone, etc.), house trimmings, driveway, rain removal systems and other exterior home needs.


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Spec Plan K: Exterior Home

what you need to do —

Exterior home surfaces include metal or wood siding, clay or tile bricks, concrete block, stone, and stucco.

  • Exterior decor includes shutters, cornices, and dormers.
  • Protective exterior includes mess wire for ventilation, guards for prevention of snow and ice buildup, and other miscellaneous.
  • If you have a chimney, it must be designed for proper air flow to prevent smoking the house.


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Getting Started

Step 1: develop the plan

  • take a completed draft of the spec sheet to your architect or planner, who will can customize a building plan or revise an existing plan that meets your specs.
  • use your spec sheet and floor plan to bid the construction project to contractors


Step 2: get required building permits


Step 3: find pre-screened contractors and other service providers

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Get Some Professional Help

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