Contractor Valuation Form

Need to find a home construction contractor? Use this form to evaluate contractors and their bids.

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Contractor Evaluation Sheet

Financing Guide

There are two parts to home construction financing.

Use this quick 1-Page map that summarizes what you need to know about financing home construction.

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Home Equity Aid Map




Spec Planning Worksheet

Use this sheet to design the specifications for your home construction.

It starts with the home design and then references every room of a home to determine the specs for walls, flooring, windows, doors, lighting, decor and other items that go into designing your home.

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Home Construction Specification Worksheet


Loan Calculators Spreadsheet

Have this loan calculators handy anytime you want to calculate monthly payments, compare two or more loans, estimate your debt payoff options, understand your debt ratio, plus run amortization figures. There are 12 nifty calculators all indexed on an excel spreadsheet that you can download FREE to your desktop.

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Loan Calculators