Recreation Room

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Setup a rec room in the basement or another room in your home as your play and entertainment parlor. You will find this to be valuable space for home entertainment and recreational fun.

The rec room needs to be large enough to include big rec items such as billiard tables and other rec game tables.


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About Recreation Room Decor

Use Good Lighting

from our "home remodeling" project library

More than even the kitchen, a game room or rec room brings the entire family together to bond over darts, pool and other games. One of the hallmarks of pool room furniture is not just the pool table, but the overhanging light. These old-fashioned looking stained glass lights can be customized to fit your personality, whether fans of sports teams, hunting, motorcycles or dogs.

A pool table usually has a central place in the game room, and you’ll want a hanging or standing rack for the cues. Plan for your game room equipment and game room furniture after thinking about what your family and friends would enjoy. Dart boards are fun, and take up little room on the wall. A poker table can be used for other card and board games as well. Consider a foosball table, air hockey or ping pong table if there’s room too. And if your room has a bar, pick out stools to fit the décor.

Though most game rooms tend to have a paneled or bar-room look, there’s no reason you can’t make it modern, with pool room furniture or lighting. Recessed, or canned lights, provide brightness without crowding the room with hanging fixtures. Modern track lighting can be inexpensive and comes in a variety of fun styles.

While traditional billiard fixtures are heavy, made of stained glass, consider a streamlined hanging fixture with three smaller shades hanging from a single bar. And don’t forget comfortable couches and chairs, to kick back in with the games are over and the hanging out time begins.

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Billiard Tables - Accessories

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Table Tennis

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Other Standing Tables

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Chess - Backgammon

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Card Games - Card Tables

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Board Games

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Arcade Games - Jukeboxes

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