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Your cleaning closet is the central location for all linens, cleaning equipment and cleansers. Often the cleaning closet and laundry room are combined into one central home utility room.


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Having a Cleaning Closet

Making Room for a Cleaning Closet

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Just as tools and auto supplies belong in a garage, so do cleaning supplies belong in a closet.

Cleaning closets are used to store linens, cleaning supplies, and other household essentials. Creating a cleaning closet in your home can help consolidate and organize all of your cleaning supplies, making cleaning more efficient and less of a hassle. Many homeowners use their laundry room for cleaning supplies storage, which is a great start. 

A few simple tips can help transform a hall closet or laundry room into a cleaning closet:

  • Let your cleaning tools hang out.
    Install hooks, pegs, or nails to hang larger items like brooms and mops. Keeping items up and off the floor is an essential for all cleaning closets.

  • Supplies belong on shelves.
    Simple, affordable shelving systems are another key to a good cleaning closet. Place larger items on lower shelves, and small bottles, sponges, rags, and other cleaning supplies on higher, shorter-spaces shelves.

  • Keep dirt organized.
    Adding a second hamper for dirty rags and linens and storing it in a cleaning closet is a good idea to keep dirt in its place.

Keeping cleaning supplies stored and out of the way is important to keeping your home's air clean. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that the air in many homes can be more polluted than the air outside due to common cleaning supplies and improper storage.

Giving Cleaning Appliances a Home

Cleaning appliances can also find their home in your cleaning closet if you have the space. Moving your vacuum into a cleaning closet frees up needed closet space and gives it a more sensible place to rest.

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