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construction spec planning

Your specification plan lists the general layout of your home construction plan — the plumbing needs, flooring requirements, type of doors and windows, make, model, color, etc. You will use the spec plan to bid the project out to a builder.

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spec topics covered:

Plan A: Home Style
Plan B: Lot Excavation
Plan C: Foundation
Plan D: House Framing
Plan E: Roofing
Plan F: Doors, Windows
Plan G: Plumbing
Plan H: Electrical Wiring
Plan I: HVAC
Plan J: Insulation
Plan K: Exterior Home
Plan L: Walls, Ceilings
Plan M: Kitchen, Bath
Plan N: Cleaning Closet
Plan O: Flooring
Plan P: Lighting
Plan Q: Other Amenities
Plan R: Garage, Pathways
Plan S: Landscaping
Plan T: Interior Decor
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