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The attic is a great place to store clothes, seasonal decor, toys, and other non-perishables. The challenge is to organize your storage to leave room for other attic space.


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Converting Your Attic Into a Storage Unit

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Cramped for space? Look no further than your attic space, which can provide a wealth of opportunities for expansion and home storage.

If you're lucky enough to have an attic you can stand up in, consider adding a bedroom, bathroom, office or kids playroom. Each room can be outfitted with storage units for the home that enhance efficiency.

If the ceiling height is low, the alternative is to focus on functional attic storage. The key to maximizing attic storage is to use every imaginable corner, cubbyhole and pocket of space. Measure carefully and get creative regarding what you can store in each location. There are a variety of home storage systems that have varying shelving and rod sizes – and offer the ability to customize the overall design.

An odd shaped wall area under a dormer, for example, could be a cute kid-sized toy space. A sloping section under the roof can be outfitted with attic storage units with smaller shelves and bins that tuck neatly under the slope.

If the attic walls are unfinished, consider using space between the wall studs for recessed home storage. Other low-lying spaces can be ideal for storing kids clothing. A typical hanging rod can be installed below even a five to six-foot ceiling height, leaving plenty of room for pint sized clothing.

When adding attic storage, it helps to think outside of the box. In many older attics, you may not find room for large, walk-in closets. You can add a variety of small attic storage spaces and boost the overall home storage capacity.

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