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Home utilities room generally refers to the laundry room. But included is this section are home utilities and services that make this room an important part of home management.


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About Home Security

Home Safety Starts with You

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More than 2.1 million burglaries are committed each year, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Nine out of every ten of those break-ins could be prevented every person knew the basics of home protection, the Insurance Information Institute reports. 

Burglar-Proof Your Home

Installing a home alarm serves as a major deterrent to any would-be thief who trips it. But it's only one of several home protection steps that you can take:

  • Lock doors and windows
  • Keep bushes and trees trimmed so no one is able to covertly enter and exit your home
  • Lock up valuables, including expensive tools
  • Use outdoor lights with motion detectors
  • Participate in a neighborhood watch program
  • When you're out of town:
  • Use light timers to make your home look lived in
  • Stop mail and newspapers
  • Employ snow shoveling and grass trimming services
  • Ask neighbors to put out and pull in your trash cans on pick-up days

Burglars Work When You Do

Thieves generally strike during workday hours: 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Often, they enter through an unlocked door or window.  Rented homes are at twice the risk of theft than owner-occupied homes, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

Home Safety Makes Financial Sense

Burglary losses averaged $1,725 in 2005, according to the FBI. Safety alarms are tailored for all living situations. You can buy or rent them, and they can cost as little as $100 for a simple wireless system. Insurance companies generally offer discounts of between 2 percent and 20 percent when you install a home alarm. Add in the comfort of feeling safe at home, and those numbers are hard to beat.

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Service Utilities

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Pest Control Information

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Termite Control Cock Roach Control Insect Control Mosquito Control Spider Control General Pest Control
termites and carpenter ants orkin virtual roach bug information all about mosquitoes spiders in your backyard natural pest control
protecting home from termites about cockroaches biological insect control mosquito control around home about black widows pest control magazine
do it yourself termite control coachroach control natural insect control   about hobo / brown recluse tips on garden pests
  pest control technology using insect repellant safely      

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Pest Control Products

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Pest Control Products Pest Control Services
nottonight.com pest and animal find pest control service provider
safe products: animal / pest  
mosquito magnet orkin
electronic pest control terminix
electronic mosquito control  
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off citronella bucket  
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bugmaster strips / wrist bands  
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Home Security Systems

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Security Systems Home Safes Retail Shopping
designing a security system gardells retail: norcoalarms.com shop home security
how security systems work liberty safes retail: smarthomeusa shop eBay
    retail: spy gadgets shop home centers
ademco - honeywell     shop classified - yellow pages
brinks home security     view consumer reports
dimango security      
first alert      
napco security      
wireless control systems      

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Fire Safety

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Information Fire Safety Safety Products Shopping
having a fire safe homes all about fire safety retail: detector systems shop home security
national fire protection agency fire safety tips fire escape ladders shop eBay
us fire administration safety review for children first alert systems shop home centers
  sparky the dog fire prevention   shop classified - yellow pages
  home air quality: see attic    
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Wired Home Electronics

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About Wired Home Wired Home Systems Network Software Home Controls Shopping
wired home for do-it yourself electronic touchpads: litetouch Intel AnyPoint® home network www.smarthome.com shop wired home
wired home architects Crestron residential controls Microsoft home networking www.homecontrols.com shop eBay
CEDIA electronic association Vantage home automation GE Smart home systems   shop home centers
  lighting control systems     shop classified - yellow pages
  X-10 home solutions Leviton integrated networks    
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